14.12.18 11:47 AM By bless

Is  Solar Energy Expensive  ?

#It can be depending on your energy needs, the cost of a complete solar PV system starts from Rs.65,000. (On-grid ) / KW,Off- grid and Hybrid costs little high ,due to Batteries setup and arrangements . However, one must bear in mind that the energy is FREE and you are really prepaying your future energy bills by investing in the solar energy system. (5years maintenance free - TEDA Installer ) 

#Net-metering :  Also, Tamil Nadu has adopted feed-in tariff scheme for the solar PV systems meaning, the government would pay for the solar energy generated on your rootop.

#Solar  Financing : Bank loans are available with low emi. (70% of total project cost ).

#Some Business models in market  : No need to pay full amount , 30% initial and remaining through bank emi.(5 years period )